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Directly products and raw materials regularly arrive from wholesale bases, the enterprises of the food industry from collective farms and state farms in the minimum quantity to ensure trouble-free operation of catering department and high quality of dishes. The centralized production of semi-finished products, the fast-frozen dishes and production of high degree of readiness improves supply.

At the centralized delivery of semi-finished products from factories - billet, meat-processing plants the driver hands over them on receipt to the storekeeper or the production manager who checks quantity a leaf and existence of seals on container.

The more commodity turnover and production of own production, the is higher the number of workers. At catering services of workers, employees, pupils and other similar contingents of consumers proceed from requirements of a balanced diet.

It is considered the most modern a linear arrangement of the modular and section equipment who create the uniform technological line, improves a condition of the enterprise and a working condition. After work the equipment is cleared carefully, washed with hot water, wiped a pure towel and closed a cover from a film or a cloth. Working parts of cars should be washed with addition of the resolved detergents, to scald, wipe, dry in thermal cases separately in unassembled form.

The ware intended for holiday of dishes has to have certain sizes and capacity, to be steady, with a wide bottom or the convenient handle. Very important from the sanitary point of view at distribution of food not to touch it by hands.

When giving the second hot dishes pay attention to their temperature. Temperature of the second dishes in table 60 – 65 °C. distinguish garnishes simple and difficult. The simple garnish consists of one product, difficult – of several types of products. By drawing up a difficult garnish gather the products which are combined to taste and color. The difficult garnish to have bouquets. Meat is sauced or sauce is given separately in a sauce-boat. the garnish is not sauced.

Parts of pulp protect about t of films and sinews then receive lump semi-finished products: cutting, thick and thin edges, pieces of coxofemoral part, internal, lateral, external; brisket; scapular speak rapidly, cutlet meat (cervical part, Pashina, a pokromka of the II category, cutting).

The collection of compoundings is the major technical documentation. It consists of several sections: calculation of an expense of raw materials, an exit of semi-finished products and finished products, apportions on separate groups of dishes, tables of duration of thermal treatment of products and standards of interchangeability of products.

Half carcass of beef is divided on a contour of the last edge into forward and back quarter timbers: as a result of a razrub and a boning of a forward quarter timber of ink receive: scapular part (humeral and zaplechny speak rapidly), cervical part, a rib-steak, Pashina, internal, top, lateral and external pieces of coxofemoral part.

Add the salty salted pork fat cut in cubes (55 mm), salt, spices, water to the crushed meat (or milk), knead, undress in the form of meatballs on 1 piece for the portion and fry. At holiday the beefsteak is garnished and watered with the juice emitted when frying.

At manufacturing enterprises numbering workers 250 and more people provide in the maximum change intended for service of several shops, and also table-distributing and buffets for employees of separate shops.

Proteins of muscle fibers at thermal treatment turn and vypressovyvat the liquid containing in them together with soluble substances in it. Thus muscle fibers are condensed, lose ability to absorb water. The mass of meat decreases.

The beefsteak with egg is brought on a melkhiorovy oval dish together with a garnish (with the fried potatoes). Put fried eggs from one egg on a beefsteak and make out greens. Give previously on the warmed-up plate.

At acceptance of meat first of all check existence of a brand of fatness and veterinary and sanitary control, determine by an organoleptic way of high quality of meat. On fatness beef, mutton, a goat's meat happens I and II categories, veal I of categories, pork – meat, cut, fat.