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In a control system in our administrative science as on earlier period, and enough attention was not paid to factors of external environment now. Therefore, the problem remains low-investigated and especially its such factors, as:

classical comparative analysis. In this analysis technical and economic and financial performance of own enterprise is compared with the enterprises competitors. Comparison can belong to the concrete period and to be static in time.

The general purpose of the forecast of a condition of environment - to create reliable bases for planning of own future development of business as the developing systems to which any business is, have to consider a condition of environment always.

In the analysis of a condition of environment the special attention is paid to the analysis of the markets, level of the competition and technologies. The analysis of work of the enterprises of competitors is under construction according to the same scheme, as well as own production. This approach we give a full picture of the comparative analysis.

In a control system on the basis of anticipation of changes there is no assumption that the future has to be by all means better than the past and it is not considered that the future can be studied by extrapolation methods.

Factors of environment are understood as force with which changes of one factor use on other factors. From here it is necessary to understand that at the organization of management it is necessary to consider as much as possible factors of external influence and to consider the concrete organization as the complete system consisting of mutually connected parts.